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Mason Trucking is a small family owned business where we pride ourselves on fast, friendly and quality service.  We are dedicated to our drivers and our customers.  We think it is a privilege to be a member of the trucking industry and are proud to serve America with her needs.

At Mason Trucking, you're a name, not a number. We're a small business that will respond quickly to your needs. We know providing high quality service is key to our success.  Whether your project is short- or long-term, big or small, we will work hard to earn your trust and respect.  Mason Trucking is a member of The Utah Trucking Association.

Contact us today -- We are ready to serve you!

Thurel Mason Trucking


1420 South 400 West

Aurora, Utah 84620


(435) 529-3734 || (800) 448-8829


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