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Thurel Mason Trucking had its humble beginnings in 1952 when Thurel bought a 1950 Chevrolet truck and began hauling turkeys from St. George to Salina Utah. In 1966, he purchased his first diesel-powered truck and began hauling crude oil from Escalante to Woods Cross Utah.  Finally in 1984, Thurel and his son Kelly began the flatbed division, starting with three trucks.  At the time they used their basement as an office and maintained their three trucks outside of their house.

Now Mason Trucking runs and maintains new equipment with 30 trucks and 4 owner/operators.  We run 45' and 48' flatbed trailers and operate from the West Coast through the Mid West.  Mason Trucking takes pride in the service they give their customers and their "family" of drivers.  Thurel and Kelly invite you to come and join a company that truly cares about their drivers and families.  Come be a part of our family and find out first hand what it's like to work for someone who cares.

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